In each Willkommen-in-Arbeit-Büro (Welcome-to-Work-Office), there is a person who coordinates the work of the mobile educational counsellors on site. If needed, you will be offered the support of interpreters for your counselling session.

Who are the mobile educational counsellors?

The project of the mobile educational counsellors for refugees has been established since October 2015 in Berlin. The 29 counselors come from different counselling institutions which are spread across all of Berlin.

Those counselling institutions include three educational counselling points, namely LernLäden (Pankow, Ostkreuz and Neukölln), two educational counselling points by the name of Jobassistenz (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Spandau) as well as the women counselling institutions Frauenzukunft e.V. Frauenbildung und Beratung im Wedding, Infothek Beruflicher Wiedereinstieg, Inpäd e.V., KOBRA Beruf|Bildung|Arbeit and Marie e.V..